Zac Efron’s Wardrobe Crisis Continues!

Does Zac Efron even look at himself in the mirror before he goes out in public anymore?

The 21-year-old High School Musical hunk is still promoting his new film 17 Again in Paris, where he experienced a humiliating underwear gaffe on Monday.

Efron followed up that wardrobe blunder by appearing at a photo-call on Tuesday, wearing a T-shirt covered in several stains, which were made glaringly apparent as the photogs’ flashbulbs popped.

Sacre bleu, Zac! Did you spill a plate of escargot on yourself?

It’s a shame that Efron bowed out of the upcoming Footloose remake. The guy could really stand to sock away some extra cash so he can buy himself some new threads. Or at least a bottle of Shout.