Camilla Belle: Getting Served by Fernando Verdasco?

Uh-oh; Joe Jonas is gonna need a hug pretty soon.

The Jonas Brother’s most recent girlfriend, 10,000 B.C. actress Camilla Belle, was spotted with Spanish tennis player Fernando Verdasco at the recent ATP tennis tournament in Indian Wells, California.

And it appears that the two were more than chummy during their get-together. In fact, they were totally touchy-feely.

Has Belle dumped her JoBro for the racketeer?

Last month, Belle—who’s of Brazilian descent—admitted to GQ that she prefers Brazilian guys.

“Brazilian men are comfortable with their sexuality, with sensuality,” Belle noted.

And, yes, while Verdasco is, technically, Spanish, he has to be a lot closer to Belle’s Brazilian ideal than pasty chastity cheerleader Joe Jonas.

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