Cast Update: Model Human Heats Up 'New Moon'

Cast Update: Model Human Heats Up 'New Moon'-photo

After the Wolfpack announcement comes something to howl about—there's a new hottie on the New Moon block.

Noot Seear, a 25-year-old Canadian model, has been cast as sexy foil for vampire food in the Twilight sequel.

E! Online reports that Seear will portray Heidi, an "exceptional" beauty that helps lure unsuspecting humans to vampires for feeding.

We're sure Robert Pattinson appreciates the help.

Seear will join costars Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner, Ashley Greene, Kellan Lutz and Nikki Reed on location in Vancouver, where cameras are currently rolling under director Chris Weitz.



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  • Elli TwilightFAN!!
    Elli TwilightFAN!!

    Well... She IS beautiful, but she doesn't look like i have imagined Heidi..

  • kysha03

    wiii...nice i think she is good to be in wolfpack thingy..a hot model in new moon cast.. nice Direck :D

  • timklutts

    she is really beautiful... One of the best in Canada i think...

  • Amanda

    Good casting - she's very beautiful!

  • noah

    Noot, how much acid were your parents taking when they named you "Noot"?