Cops Find T.R. Knight Responsible For Car Accident

Stop, look both ways, and THEN advance, T.R.!

LA police have determined that actor T.R. Knight was responsible for a car accident last week that injured two people, according to TMZ.

Knight’s car collided with another car after he paused at a stop sign and then advanced at the intersection of Hollywood Blvd. and Stanley Ave. last week.

Authorities says that Knight did not give sufficient attention to whether there were any cars coming while he was stopped, moved forward into the intersection, and struck a car passing in front of him.

The driver of the other car was taken to the hospital, and a man riding with her also complained of minor injuries.

The LAPD did not ticket Knight because of their policy not to ticket for infractions that they were not present for.

Looks like Dr. George O’Malley got away with it. Until the insurance forms are processed.