Hilary Duff Is a Straight-Up Bawler

Hilary Duff Is a Straight-Up Bawler-photo

There, there, Hilary Duff. No need to cry. Your hot hockey-player boyfriend Mike Comrie can't be too far away.

Oh, what's that? The former Lizzie McGuire actress was merely filming her guest-starring Law & Order: Special Victims Unit appearance in New York on Tuesday? Well, by all means, let the waterworks flow then!

In her guest stint, Duff plays a young mother suspected of murdering her baby. Which is probably why her role calls for a crying jag.

And clearly Duff has considerable dramatic chops, as she was spotted grinning and goofing when the TV cameras weren't rolling. Watch: Sad Hilary. Happy Hilary. Sad Hilary. Happy Hilary.

See, people? That's called acting.

Better clear some space on fireplace mantle, Ms. Duff. We smell an Emmy in your future.



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