Jake Gyllenhaal’s Hand Jive

Jake Gyllenhaal isn’t very handy when it comes to gestures.

The recently buff Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time actor and Reese Witherspoon’s possible fiancé did lunch with Mike White—the screenwriter of School of Rock and competitor in The Amazing Race with his father Mel—at Le Pain Restaurant in Los Angeles on Monday.

As they prepared to part ways, the two associates extended their mitts to say goodbye. And experienced a very awkward man-date moment.

Gyllenhaal went in for the fist-bump. White opted for the traditional handshake. And suddenly it was as if they engaged in a Rock-Paper-Scissors match. Masonic Temple members have less complicated handshakes. (Use our Zoom feature to check out the botched bonding moment in further detail.)

Maybe they should just keep it simple after their next lunch and wave goodbye.