Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush Meet Bridal Gown Goddess

Kim Kardashian, you big tease!

For the second day in a row she talks on her blog about meeting bridal-gown queen Vera Wang. This time even Reggie Bush, the most likely husband-to-be, came along.

But once again there was no mention of possible weddings, or engagements, or nothing! Instead, the topic of the Cut restaurant dinner on Tuesday night was, um, figure skating.

Wang talked about “her career as a figure skater when she was growing up, almost entering in the Olympics,” Kim writes. Sister, I can assure you that the only gold we want to hear about concerns a certain ring on your finger.

Wang was dining with old pal Bruce Jenner and wife Kris when Reggie and Kim stopped by the restaurant to join them, reports Kim herself on her official site.

Kim also dined with Wang on Monday night at Mr. Chow’s. Then she teased with this blog entry: ”It would be a dream come true if she did design my wedding gown,” Kardashian wrote, “when the day comes!”