Lady Gaga: Moon Over the House of Blues

The national butt overexposure crisis continued on Tuesday night, with Lady Gaga revealing a whole lotta something at the House of Blues in Chicago where she played an energy-filled sold-out show.

In a rave review of the concert, the Chicago Sun-Times noted: “Lady Gaga had no qualms about going sans pants.” Yes, we have seen this condition before, thank you. Even when the weather outside is not cooperating, Lady Gaga is featuring variations on this extreme heat look.

“I’ve got no money because I’ve spent it all on my show,” Lady Gaga said during the concert. “But tonight, Windy City, I feel beautiful and dirty rich.”

At least her props include a moped, so that she can get around after the show. Check out our collection of photos showing where all her hard-earned money has gone.