Lindsay Lohan’s Career Is Hurting Over ‘Labor Pains’

Lindsay Lohan wasn’t kidding when she said her career isn’t doing so hot.

The 22-year-old part-time actress, who recently told Nylon magazine that she really needs some work, just got some more bad news about her professional life.

Pop Crunch reports that Lohan’s latest movie, Labor Pains, is bypassing a theatrical release, whizzing past a straight-to-DVD release, and will go straight to cable.

That’s a particularly humiliating fate for a movie starring an actress who, just a few short years ago, was considered one of Hollywood’s hottest up-and-coming talents.

The movie, about a secretary who fakes a pregnancy in order to keep her job, will premiere on ABC Family in July, followed by a DVD release in August and, no doubt, a long run in the discount bins of Goodwill stores across the country.

How could Lohan have fallen to such lows? Well, check out the trailer for the flick below:

Wow. Looks like we shouldn’t expect LiLo’s career to experience a rebirth anytime soon.