Natasha Richardson Update: How Liam Neeson is Coping

After nine life-changing days, Liam Neeson is preparing for life after losing wife Natasha Richardson.

News of her fall at a Canadian ski resort, followed by 48 hours of harrowing medical transfers and condition updates, grabbed headlines worldwide leading up to the announcement of Richardson’s death—just one week ago today.

We’ve seen images of her famous grieving family, led by the iconic Vanessa Redgrave and her strong white suit. Today attention turns to Richardson’s husband as he readies himself and their two boys for life without their mother.

“Liam is doing okay,” family friend Blaine Trump tells People magazine.

“It takes a while to absorb this. But he says the family needs to move forward. They will take it one step at a time.”

That first step for Neeson is returning to work. He’ll head back to Montreal, just over 80 miles from the site of Richardson’s accident, to finish work on Chloe.

The thriller costars Julianne Moore and Big Love’s Amanda Seyfried, and centers around a suspicious doctor’s wife who hires a call girl to seduce her husband.

Michael, 13, and Daniel, 12, are expected to return to school.

“With good friends by their side, they will get through the tough days ahead.”

Famous friends attended services for the actress, which included a wake the Irish American Society of New York, a dimming of Broadway lights and her formal burial in upstate New York.

Sarah Jessica Parker, Matthew Broderick, Laura Linney, Uma Thurman, Holly Hunter, Ethan Hawke and Meryl Streep paid their respects at the various gatherings.