Paris Hilton to Have Doug Reinhardt’s Babies?

Doug Reinhardt tells In Touch Weekly that he would love if new girlfriend Paris Hilton would have his children.

He also reveals his nickname for her.

Angel Princess.

Just perfect.

“Paris would make a great mom—she’s my Angel Princess. I’d love to have some mini Parises one day,” he exclaims.

And Hilton is into it.

“I’d love to have children, that’s what completes your life,” Hilton said at MyHouse in Los Angeles on March 20.

A source feels that Reinhardt, a baseball player who had a brief stint on The Hills, is a much more suitable choice for father than Paris’ ex Benji Madden.

“She thought she could look past his tattoos and piercings, but Paris wants her children to have a clean-cut father,” the source says. “And they’re crazy about each other.”

As long as their daughter isn’t named Angel Princess.