Penn, Carrey and Del Toro to Star in Three Stooges Movie?

It sounds like Sean Penn, Jim Carrey and Benicio Del Toro will be “nyuk”-ing it up with each other soon.

Variety reports that Penn has already been signed on to star as Larry Fine in an upcoming Three Stooges movie, and plans are underway to sign on Carrey as Curly Howard and Del Toro as Moe Howard.

The film, which will be released through MGM, is being directed by Peter and Bobby Farrelly—commonly known as the Farrelly Brothers, the gross-out artistes who helmed There’s Something About Mary, Kingpin and Dumb & Dumber.

Not quite a biopic, the movie will be a comedy built around the slapstick antics in the short films that the Stooges did for Columbia Pictures.

Creative license aside, Carrey is already planning to pack on an additional 40 pounds to approximate the portly physique of Curly.

Hopefully he’ll keep his skimpy black bikini in the closet until he’s taken the weight back off.

Have your say in the comments section: Will Penn, Carrey and Del Toro make good Stooges? If not, who would be better in the roles?