Something Left its Mark on Guy Ritchie

Something Left its Mark on Guy Ritchie-photo

No, that's not some fancy-schmancy, laser-generated monocle that Guy Ritchie has around his eye.

We just wanted to highlight the bruise that the 40-year-old director was sporting under his peeper as he left his Punchbowl pub in London at 1 a.m. this morning.

Yes, times are tight all over, but is Ritchie being forced to do double duty as a bouncer at his watering hole?

Or did he get fresh with one of the many female companions he's been running around town with lately?

Maybe some crazed fan of his ex-wife, Madonna, decided to take a poke at him?

Have your say in the comments section: How did Guy Ritchie get that shiner?



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  • cb007

    Boys will be boys when they're at the pub together and if Jude Law and Robert Downey where there as well, Guy probably had the best night out in a long time. GOOD ON YA. P.S. Where was my invite???

  • drzuke

    The photo makes him look like he's wearing a red monocle, which would make this a real scandal.

  • bawwow

    suri cruise

  • iheartcelebs

    it was from his threesome with jude law and robert downey