VIDEO: Robert Pattinson Shows ‘How To Be’ and Eyes ‘Memoirs’

Summit Entertainment doesn’t want to let go of their beloved Robert Pattinson just yet.

Pattinson, who is currently in Canada filming New Moon, the highly anticipated second film in the immensely popular Twilight series, is said to be in talks to star in Summit’s next project, a film called Memoirs.

The movie, which may be directed by six-time Emmy-nominee Allen Coulter, focuses on the the story of two lovers whose relationship is tested when they both are hit hard with family tragedies. RPattz as a romantic lead? You don’t say!

More importantly, who’s gonna be the lucky lady?

In other Rob news (because who doesn’t love this guy), fans will be able to get their fix when his indie flick How To Be, which he filmed prior to Twilight, is released on a US tour of Film Festivals beginning April 10th in Las Vegas.

Check out the trailer for the quirky film:

And to add the cherry-on-top, see a glimpse of the behind the scenes from film here.