Will A Gwyneth Paltrow Bod Really Cost a Fortune?

While many would kill to look like Gwyneth Paltrow, recent reports say that membership prices to a gym the actress is opening with trainer Tracy Anderson are murder.

Two weeks ago, the New York Post’s Page Six reported the venture (opening in NYC)  was struggling to gain clients because of outrageous prices.

“Membership is like $4,500 to join and then hundreds of dollars a month. Who can afford that right now?” the paper quote a source.

Julia Cuddihy Van Nice, Anderson’s rep, tells Celebuzz the claims are false.

“Tracy has had a fantastically positive response to her gym and the membership dues the Post quoted were completely inaccurate,” Van Nice said in an email.

Perhaps Anderson, who has trained the likes of Gwyneth and pal Madonna for years, isn’t looking to charge a fortune after all—she’s even been know to give away her routines for free.

In Paltrow’s controversial lifestyle newsletter GOOP, she often reveals tips from Anderson, and once even gave subscribers a video routine to download for free.

Even this Thursday, the newsletter will feature another dance cardio routine from the trainer.

In February, the New York Times claimed membership for the ladies’ pet project would clock in at $787.50 for six months or $1,500 for a one-year-term.

Van Nice would not disclose actual gym prices to Celebuzz.