Beam Her Up: Lindsay Lohan Has Lucky Encounter With Captain Kirk

What do you need when you get depressing career news like your movie is going straight to cable? Just a little luck!

Thank God Lindsay Lohan got a little of that when she ran into her Just My Luck co-star Chris Pine Wednesday night at the Sunset Tower. Lohan was thrilled to see her kissing co-star from the movie, who is destined to hit screens as Star Trek’s Captain Kirk in the coming months.

“She almost fell out of her chair grabbing him as he walked past,” says a fellow diner. “They were huddled for some time in intense conversation and they exchanged numbers.”

Lohan was dining with her sister Ali and mother Dina at the Tower Bar in the hotel. Pine had dined earlier and exited, but then returned, by luck, for the Lohan encounter.

The connection was instant. “They were so happy to see each other. (Pine) practically kneeled at her table as they caught up. There was a lot of smiling.”

Pine exited after the two promised to text each other later.

Perhaps this could signal a change of luck for Lohan. What do you think?