Jodie Foster Remembers Natasha Richardson

Academy Award winner Jodie Foster penned an essay in this week’s People Magazine, remembering her late costar Natasha Richardson.

Two two starred in 1994’s Nell, along with Richardson’s husband Liam Neeson, where Foster says she grew to know and love the luminous actress.

“Every weekend Natasha cooked delicious dinners where we all talked and played board games. They were memorable evenings filled with her deep hearty laugh and tons of stories…she wanted to create a sense of family wherever she went,” Foster writes.

Jodie also indicates that the movie set was the site of “the first blushes of Liam and Natasha’s relationship.”

The pair planned their wedding details in their off time.

“Whenever they were together, it was electric—two seemingly opposite characters who connected in such a rare and fierce way.”

Neeson has been holding it together, soon heading back to work on his film Chloe.

“I am so sad that she is gone,” Foster says of Natasha, “It just seems so unbelievable that this beautiful, talented, loving person should have been whisked away without warning.”