Kelly Rutherford: Living Large on ‘Gossip Girl’ Set

Kelly Rutherford, who plays van der Woodsen matriarch Lily on Gossip Girl, had her baby bump on full display while filming the series in New York on Wednesday.

Rutherford has been allowed to keep son Hermes with her in New York City until this month, following a court battle with her estranged husband, German businessman Daniel Giersch, in January.

At the time, Rutherford had said that she wanted to remain on good terms with Giersch, according to People.

“I hope so, yes, I really do,” Rutherford said when asked if she would remain friendly with Giersch. “We’re both going to be with our son. I’m relieved we’re going to have a [custody] schedule in place.”

The actress is pregnant with their unborn daughter, who was conceived before their split in December.

Whew—and people think that the plot lines on Gossip Girl are scandalous.