Lindsay Lohan Hits Sunset Tower With Her Family

The family that survives scandals together, stays together.

So it is little surprise that it was Lohan family night at the Sunset Tower hotel on Wednesday evening. Lindsay Lohan, sister Ali and mother Dina all made an attempt at family dinner night at the hot dining establishment.

“They really showed a united front,” says one fellow diner. “I don’t know how much they talked together, or how much was eaten, but they were definitely there as a family.”

Even on a day when news broke about Lohan’s latest movie, Labor Pains, going directly to cable (meaning a big blow to the career), the actress seemed unbothered. The family trio arrived late in the evening arm-in-arm for their prime table with a group of friends.

About the only thing missing was Sister Sledge singing “We Are a Family.” However, Lohan’s pal Samantha Ronson was nowhere to be seen.

According to our spy, Lindsay made a double-take as she walked past SNL funnyman Andy Samberg only to recover and give him a big hug. “She went up to him to say hello, he looked a little surprised,” says our diner. “There was some awkward small talk as her purse rested in the crook of her arm and he introduced her to his friend. She asked about the show and about Tina Fey.”

After breaking away from Samberg, Lohan walked past former Bond Timothy Dalton to her table, just missing former SNL performer David Spade and actor Terrence Howard who both dined earlier in the evening.

Once joining her group, the actress seemed restless as she tapped on her phone and got up from the table for long breaks. She drank a clear liquid when she wasn’t tapping furiously on her phone. She happily engaged her guests in conversation about the merits of self-tanning and Red Bull. 

“The three were dressed only in black with Lindsay in a white top looking verrrrry slim,” says the observer. “Her posture is not great, but she seemed at ease with her group.”

“Lindsay didn’t eat a whole lot but made a point of cutting into her food furiously at one point.”

Just as quickly as they came, the family made their exit about two hours later.