Muggle Heroes Push Harry Potter To #4 on Hero List

He had that killer scar, died only to be brought back to life and kicked the blast-ended screwts out of big-bad Voldemort.

What’s it take a feller to make it to the top of Entertainment Weekly’s Top 20 Hero list?

Harry Potter fell into the fourth spot on the list even though his spectacled face graces the cover of the magazine.

Our Harry lost out to some guys named James Bond (top spot) and Indiana Jones. Superman, who might not even really exist, takes the third spot.

The magazine does give Harry some credit mentioning “Obliterating Voldemort” as his most heroic move.

But he loses points for his “Biggest Weakness: misses his mommy and daddy.” These editors are cold, man. Cold.

At least Harry did better than Voldemort. Poor old Volde landed 8th on the Top 20 Villian list.

That just hurts.

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