UPDATE: Rihanna’s Got A Gun

UPDATE: Bang Bang spoke to RadarOnline about the work he did on Rihanna’s tattoo, which he refers to as “a collaboration of ideas.”

“She’d been toying with it for a while,” he said about the handgun that Rihanna had tattooed on her ribcage. “[The way it came out,] it looked great, we loved it.”

BangBang says that the tattoo was originally going to be on her shoulderblade, but he felt that it took away from Rihanna’s “beautiful” face.

“She’s great—she’s as happy as can be,” the tattoo artist says of his famous human canvas.


NYC tattoo artist Bang Bang has posted pictures on his MySpace page of work he did for singer Rihanna.

In the captions to his pictures, Bang Bang writes that Rihanna flew him from NYC to LA, put him up in LA’s Roosevelt Hotel and had him work on tattooing a gun on her body.

One picture depicts Rihanna with matching weapons drawn above her armpits, but Bang Bang notes that he couldn’t place the tattoos there because “cover girl wouldnt have liked it much… and they pay the bills!”

Rihanna, as shown in the picture above, finally settled for having one gun tattooed on her ribcage.

The singer from Barbados is reportedly searching for a new home to purchase.

Interesting choice of tattoo for a woman who reportedly returned to the boyfriend who is said to have beaten her. Is this a warning for someone?

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