Whereabouts: Kirsten Dunst Just Misses Marisa Tomei, Harrison Dines

Kirsten Dunst enjoyed the summer-like conditions in L.A. Wednesday by dining outside with a male friend at West Hollywood’s Joan’s on Third. “They were very casual and relaxed,” says a fellow diner. “They ran into another friend who joined them for a bit.”

The two dined on salads. “Kirsten was very cute, no make-up, jeans and a t-shirt. She was the essence of summertime.”

Meanwhile, inside Joan’s, a sunglass wearing Marisa Tomei was picking up groceries. “She didn’t notice anyone else since she was on the cellphone.” Moments later, Amanda Peet walked in with her baby girl, picking up some groceries.


• Yo Harrison Ford You’re supposed to start leaving the girl at home when you’re married! Just joking of course. But the newly-engaged Ford dined with a male friend last week at Talesai. “He chose a relatively secluded table and sat inconspicuously with his back to the front door,” says a diner. “He was dressed down in jeans and a red bomber jacket. He looked good and real relaxed and was clearly catching up with an old friend.”

Ford had steak and a papaya salad. “He knocked back a few Singha’s (Thai beer) as well.”

“They seemed to really enjoy themselves and were definitely noticed by surrounding tables,” says our source. “On his way out Ford told the hostess how much the place had changed since the last time he was there.”

• The also newly-engaged Vince Vaughn dined with a group of three guys and one girl at Pizzeria Mozza in Hollywood Thursday night. “Vaughn looked cute but a little scruffy and a little ragged with longer curly hair,” says a nearby diner. “He left out the back door to avoid the paprazzi.”