For Pals Sam Bradley and Robert Pattinson: The Laughter Continues in Vancouver

It was a little like old times for musician Sam Bradley as he took the stage at the Vancouver Grandview Legion hall last Friday night.

His good friend since the age of 12, Robert Pattinson was in attendance. Although Pattinson remained out-of-sight from the general public during the show, his presence was certainly felt by Bradley.

“Every time

I made a mistake, I kept looking over,” Bradley tells Celebuzz. “At one point I walked off-stage and just started laughing.” Bradley was playing the cover of “Man’s World” by James Brown, ran into some problems and left the stage to pick up his folder. He looked up at Pattinson hanging out in the stage wings, out-of-sight. “I just started laughing,” says Bradley. “And he was just smiling back.”

Bradley moved from London — where he and Pattinson grew up and where the once shared an apartment — and now lives in Vancouver where Pattinson is shooting the Twilight sequel New Moon. While the two have collaborated on songs (they co-wrote “Never Think” for the Twilight soundtrack) and spent countless hours jamming together, Pattinson never took the stage Friday night. “I’m sure he would have loved to have, but there’s a lot more pressure that comes for him now,” says Bradley. 

“He can’t just go up and play a song anymore. So many people are going to listen. He wants to get things right.”

Nor did Pattinson even make a public appearance at the show. No doubt, in light of the predominantly female presence ready to pounce on any chance at the Twilight star. ”I don’t think that would have been the wisest of decisions, not if he wanted to enjoy the show,” says Sam. “I was about all there was for extra security.”

Instead, Pattinson stayed in the wings, only visible from odd angles on the stage. The lack of visibility even had some fans questioning if he was even at the show. 

Robert did as much as he could behind the scenes, not only coming to the show, but also joining Bradley at a rehearsal on the previous Thursday. “It was great, he’d never seen me with my band,” says Bradley. “I’m a little more free and wilder.”

Further, Pattinson no doubt had much to do with the extra buzz surrounding the show

‘Twilight’ appreciation

Catapulted into the Twilight spotlight with the soundtrack song, Bradley says he enjoys the loyal fans and the showcase it has allowed for him. “It’s not crazy for me. They appreciate me and they’re showing their appreciation.”

It’s been quite a journey from a late-night music session that led to “Never Think”, to Rob bringing it to the attention of the Twilight film-makers once he landed the part of Edward Cullen. “I remember I was walking to a gas station to use the bathroom,” says Sam. “And I got a phone call from Rob saying a lawyer is going to call you in a second. The song is going in the soundtrack. I was crossing my legs and skipping. I guess I was skipping about both reasons.”

From these humble beginnings, the rest has been magical with the soundtrack popularity.

“It’s laying a fantastic foundation for me in my musical journey,” says Sam. “It was so quick! Soundtrack, boom. Then film, boom. And people started hearing my songs.”

“I’m very lucky to be part of this phenomena,” he says. ”And they don’t want me to take my clothes off.”

As for the Cullen boy that many would like to see without clothes, Bradley says, “There’s no formula for handling this. But he’s handling it very well.”

“He’s taking this all in stride. This is his job now.”

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