Holly Madison Beats the ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Curse!

Fear not, Dancing With the Stars fans; Holly Madison will be back to tango another day.

The former Girls Next Door girl caused a scare yesterday when it was reported that she had injured her ribs. Many wondered if Criss Angel’s ex would fall prey to the same fate that had taken down so many DWTS contestants before her.

But after visiting her doctor, Madison says that the injury isn’t as severe as was originally feared.

“I just have some inflamed muscles around my ribs,” Madison tells E!. So it hurts, but I’m a lot more confident now i know it’s nothing serious.”

Most importantly, she notes, she will be up and dancing on Monday night’s episode.

“I’ve always wanted to do this show,” Madison enthuses. “It’s super fun. I’m not going to stop!”

And no, she’s not ribbing us.