Holly Madison: Braised Ribs

Holly Madison: Braised Ribs-photo

Holly Madison is reportedly experiencing some pain in her rib cage.

The Dancing with the Stars contestant has injured her ribs, although E! reports that she has not broken any.

"After experiencing pain in her rib area, Holly received medical attention," Madison's rep stated. "While she is not suffering from a broken rib, she does continue to feel a great deal of discomfort and was prescribed pain medication."

Madison was in the bottom two in the last DWTS elimination, but Charlie Sheen foe Denise Richards was sent on her merry way instead.

"She is committed to the show and her partner, Dmitry, and will rest when she can," her rep continued. "She fully hopes and, at this time, expects to dance on Monday."

Madison reportedly injured herself while rehearsing her samba.

She basically joined the club. Gilles Marini, Steve "The Woz" Wozniak and Jackass' Steve-O are all dancing while injured.

Madison herself replaced an injured Jewel.

Professional athletes experience less wear and tear.



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  • It makes me SICK SICK SICK
    It makes me SICK SICK SICK

    I used to love Criss Angel. It makes me so sick knowing he was with her. I wish it was just a bad dream that he was with her. He couldn't have dated anybody more gross and low class.

  • Question for Ladies
    Question for Ladies

    Do men really get turned on by girls who boobs are fake? When they have the plastic floating device in them it makes them so round and perfect and you can tell it isn't natural. I am a very small busted girl and would never do something like that what you get from me is all real even if it is small. I am just curious if men really get so turned on with this fake boobs knowing inside them is a big plastic device.

  • Sue

    She is a ditz!!!

  • Vegas is calling Holly
    Vegas is calling Holly

    Give Holly a break. The girl is trying really hard. This is a much harder job for Holly. For 7 years the girl was opening her legs for an 82 year old man (Grandpa) and displaying her naked vagina and her plastic boobs for the world to see. Her hardest task in the past 7 years was making those chocolate molds of her vagina for Hef. Cheer up Holly if this doesn't work out for you there are many TOPLESS clubs in Vegas waiting for you. You will do well there.

  • iheartcelebs

    i bet it's because her boobs are so heavy. only ribs of steel could bear those bazoongas being thrown around!