Madonna Announces She’s Over Jesus On Twitter

What a way to find out you’ve been dumped. It’s worse than a text-message breakup!

Madonna has revealed that she has broken up with Brazilian model Jesus Luz via her manager Guy Oseary’s Twitter account.

The pop matriarch, who is set to adopt another orphan from Malawi this weekend, guested on her business associate’s Twitter account for 10 minutes and took compliments and questions from fans on Wednesday evening.

One fan Twittered “hello madonna honey am glad you are single again – you made your best music as a single woman! yeehaw!”

To which Madge responded “NOT AS GLAD AS I AM! M……………”

See ya, Jesus!

Luz and Madonna might have hit the skids when it was reported that he was canoodling with a female model at a party in Rio De Janiero during a visit back home.

In an amusing aside, Madge also showed off that she was brash as ever when a fan began Twittering whines for her attention by typing “why do u respond to all of the weirdos & not normal people like me?!?! Um I take my time 2 say somethin to u.”

Madonna’s response?

“i don’t distinguish between normal and weird. stop feeling sorry for yourself. what did you want to tell me??????????????? M.”

That’s our Madge!