Megan Fox Wears Short Shorts

Megan Fox showed off some daring denim cut-offs while prowling around Los Angeles on Wednesday.

The gorgeous actress recently signed on to star in the film adaption of the comic book Fathom, about a heroine who comes from under the sea. Kind of like The Little Mermaid, but fighting evil sea creatures.

According to Frank Mastromauro, executive producer of the movie, Fox is a long-time fan of the comic book.

“She knows so much about Fathom, which is spectacular,” said Mastromauro. “Growing up, she was a huge fan of the book and a huge fan of [late Fathom creator] Michael Turner. When we met her, she was already well versed in [Fathom] volume one and [was] asking us questions about the book,” he tells MTV.

Fox’s former fiancée (but strangely, also her alleged sleepover partner) Brian Austin Green is serving as a producer on the project.

Fox doesn’t even need a script. She could basically just walk around in those shorts for two hours on screen and sell out theaters nationwide.