Natasha Richardson’s Death Saves A Life

Morgan McCracken, 7, is alive today due to her parents following the story of Natasha Richardson’s death.

Parent Trap actress Richardson, 45, died after a traumatic brain injury she endured after a skiing accident. Natasha is said to have originally refused medical attention, and only went to a hospital after experiencing pain several hours later.

McCracken was hit in the head with a baseball, and everything seemed to be fine initially.

“For the next two days, she was perfectly fine,” her father Donald McCracken told CNN. “She had no symptoms. She went to school both days and got an A on her spelling test as usual. There were no issues whatsoever.”

After paying attention to the details of Richardson’s death, Morgan’s parents contacted a doctor immediately when Morgan began complaining of a headache.

After a CT scan, their daughter was immediately airlifted to a different hospital and rushed into an operating room. Morgan had the same injury as Natasha Richardson—an epidural hematoma.

The surgery saved Morgan’s life.

“Dr. Cohen told us that if we hadn’t brought her in Thursday night, she never would have woken up,” McCracken said.

Natasha’s family can take heart in the fact that their loss saved a little girl’s life.