Rihanna Causes a Delux Frenzy

Rihanna, who’s been on a club-going spree recently following her alleged February 8 beating at the hands of boyfriend Chris Brown, made it out again Thursday night, hitting up Hollywood watering hole Bar Delux.

Predictably, her appearance caused a major hubbub among the paparazzi waiting outside, who swarmed as the “Disturbia” songbird emerged.

Further fueling the paparazzi fires was the presence of Keeping Up With the Kardashians star Kim Kardashian, who’s been known to attract a camera or two herself.

The paps’ intense interest in Rihanna is understandable, of course. They were probably just trying to get a picture of her nifty new gun tattoo.

Apparently, Rihanna caused quite the stir inside the club too. According to Radar Online, the singer got up-close and cozy with Brody Jenner buddy Frankie Delgado.

“She was snuggling with him on her couch and the two were all about each other,” a source claims. “Rihanna gave Frankie a lap type dance when Destiny’s Child’s song ‘Bug-A-Boo’ started playing.”

The source adds that Delgado was no passive recipient of Rihanna’s affection. “[H]e kept pulling at Rihanna’s white dress and she giggled, playfully pushing him away and then hugging him!”

Who says romance is dead these days?