Russell Brand Recalls Laughs, Good Times With Jade Goody

British funnyman Russell Brand has thrown in his two cents about the recent death of reality-TV star Jade Goody on his blog.

Referring to her as “a young mum from an awful background who got a break and shrewdly capitalized on it,” Brand says Jade “filled the room with her ebullience and wicked laugh connecting with the audience in a way that most skilled showmen can only dream of.”

Brand says that he first met Jade when the Big Brother star showed up for some of his comedy gigs in Scotland.

“She was a right laugh, she joined in with everyone and created a garrulous giddy vibe in bars and cars that elevated the perfunctory time between shows into something which retrospectively seems more special now than it did then,” Brand writes.

Goody passed away on Britain’s Mother’s Day after an eight-month battle with cervical cancer. She left behind two young sons, and her husband Jack Tweed.

Brand also defended Goody from naysayers who questioned exactly what she was famous for.

“One of the charges often leveled at Jade was that she was just a normal girl with no trade or practiced skills. Well people didn’t care and our heroes are not prescribed to us, we have the right to choose them and the people chose Jade.”

“I’m glad that Jade’s death has been handled with saccharine mittens by the papers, she lived and died in the glare of their interest and doubtless benefited from it hugely at times. I recall her tear-stained face pegged across some rag as she endlessly sought to be forgiven by the media her misconstrued conduct had so incensed, and it made me a little angry. She wanted to be accepted, loved, redeemed, and now through her early death, she is,” Brand noted.