Truth or Tabloid?: Brad Pitt and Angelina Bring Frost To NY

The worm has turned once again for Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie as far as Tabloid Street is concerned. While this week’s Star and InTouch disagree on the big WHY, two of our finest say that Brangelina is pretty frayed. Let’s break them down!

INTOUCH’S MAIN CLAIM: Angelina’s brother James Haven has been brought in “to stop the fighting,” the mag says. He’s even been assigned the task of talking to Brad in an effort to bring about peace.

SO WHAT’S THE MARITAL PROBLEM? InTouch claims that Brad is furious about Angelina’s decision to take on filming Salt while “he’s home with the kids.” Angelina was apparently overheard saying on the phone, “Will you please respect the fact that I am working right now?”

INTOUCH BEST IMAGES: A photo section claiming that Angelina is “more affectionate with her brother than Brad” is almost worth the cover price even if they are neglecting to put in a slew of very romantic Brangelina shots over the years. Pesky details.

STAR’S MAIN CLAIM: SAD-NANNY PROBLEMS. Star suspiciously points to an unclear incident that supposedly found a young nanny “comforting” Brad, which was witnessed by Angelina. It’s very short on details. But, as a result, they report, Brad’s been banned from the bedroom. “Angie is still very angry over the nanny incident,” a source tells the magazine. “Right now, the separate-bedrooms arrangement seems to be the best thing for them.”

STAR’S BEST MENTAL IMAGE: BRAD DENIED BATH TIME PRIVILEGES. According to Star, Angie has nixed one of the pair’s sexy traditions—the daily bath. One day “she heard Brad running the tub” and she “told him to drain it,” says the source. What a waste of bubbles.

STAR’S BEST IMAGE: The cover. Out of context? No doubt. Photoshopped? No idea. But it really does look like Angelina is about to bite Brad’s head off.  Could be anger, gas, or the beginning of a smile.

STAR’S TAKE ON THE BROTHER: Star claims Angie’s brother James is not a peace-broker but rather a shoulder to cry on for sis and actually doesn’t want the Brangelina bond to reform. “James thinks it’s good for Angie to put some space between her and Brad,” the source tells Star.

POINT IN COMMON BETWEEN THE TWO: Both mags agree Brad and Angelina are sleeping in separate bedrooms at the Waldorf-Astoria in Manhattan.  InTouch even has a picture of the couch where Brad is meant to be sleeping. Star says that Brad and the kids are “camping out inside little tents in their rooms.”

IS THERE HOPE?: Apparently Angie’s coming around, says Star. “They really can’t live without each other,” says the source. 

So look for an “in love again” cover next week.