Zac Efron Takes British Fangirl’s Breath Away – Literally

He’s cute, but cute enough to cause a girl to require medical attention?

Zac Efron premiered his new film 17 Again in London last night, and it became a mob scene of screaming London schoolgirls looking to take his pic, touch his hair and view their High School Musical obsession in person.

Fans, some with hearts and “Zac” painted on their faces, began lining up at 7AM in Leicester Square in London just to get a glimpse of their idol, according to the Daily Mail.

In fact, the girls became so frenzied that one young woman was said to have collapsed and had to be taken from the crowd by paramedics to be checked over. The vapors!

In the movie, Zac plays a younger version of Matthew Perry after he is magically turned back into a teenager and has to counsel his children through high school.

Michelle Trachtenberg plays his teenage daughter.

Hopefully some of the advice he imparts to her in the film includes a warning against getting so worked up over a movie star that you need an ambulance.