Nicolas Cage Eyes ‘Batman’ Villain Role

Nicolas Cage is ready to get evil.

The 45-year-old actor, whose latest flick Knowing proved a surprise hit at the box office this month, tells MTV that he’d jump at the chance to play a baddie in Christopher Nolan’s Batman movie franchise.

“I would love to play a supervillain. I think that would be a whole lot of fun,” Cage enthuses. “Yeah. If they call and invite me, I’d do it. Certainly.”

Cage’s interest in comics-related movies is long-standing. He was slated to portray the Man of Steel in the shelved Superman Lives, and starred in the title character of 2007’s Ghost Rider, which failed to ignite much interest in the movie-going public. His latest comic-themed movie, Kick-Ass, is scheduled for release this year.

The competition for villain roles in upcoming Batman films is pretty fierce. So far, Angelina Jolie, Philip Seymour Hoffman and Johnny Depp have been mentioned as contenders, in the roles of Catwoman, the Penguin and the Riddler, respectively.

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