Remember When: Nikki Reed Was in ‘Thirteen’?

Twilight bad girl Nikki Reed may have just recently become a big name, but she’s been on Hollywood’s radar for quite some time now.

Nikki’s personal history is far from perfect. Before the age of 14, the actress had reputedly experimented heavily with sex, drugs and booze, resulting in an emancipation from her parents—at a time when most teenagers were just hitting puberty.

The wild-child then decided to pen her own autobiographical novel, based on her racy experiences. Director Catherine Hardwicke got wind of the story and teamed up with the brunette to create the film Thirteen, which also starred Evan Rachel Wood.

Nikki’s character, Evie Zamora, which Catherine herself cited as “uncomfortable,” was a piece of cake for the actress, who used her real-life experiences to bring the character to a whole new level. She excelled as the out-of-control teenager who used her looks and charm to get sex, drugs and money.

Take a look at Nikki back in her wild days:

After the film’s release in 2003, Nikki played a string of sexy characters in Lords of Dogtown and The OC, until Hardwicke once again called upon her to play the gorgeous Rosalie Hale in the Twilight series.

What do you think of Nikki’s move from party animal to vampire? 

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