VIDEO: Zac Efron Gets Q-Tipped off by Paps

VIDEO: Zac Efron Gets Q-Tipped off by Paps-photo

Poor Zac Efron.

With the cameras constantly on him, the High School Musical hunk has been caught in some less-than-glamorous positions lately.

And now the paparazzi are giving him grief about it.

Efron, his girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens and Brittany Snow hit up Eva Longoria's restaurant Beso on Saturday night following the Kids' Choice Awards.

On their way out they were confronted by the usual gaggle of shutterbugs, one of whom pelted Efron with Q-Tips—a reference to his recent earwax-heavy appearance at the UK premiere of his new movie, 17 Again.

Check out the video, courtesy of, below:


Tell us what you think in the comments section: Was the paparazzo merely providing helpful hygiene tips, or did he go too far?



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  • michelle

    hey hey hey hey hey people damn it pls leave zac and vanessa alone stop it attack.. if people hurt to vanessa and zac i not play my favor zac and vanessa..ok ..

  • Hailee

    Jealous!! You people Papp. Should leave Zac alone. And you know what he will continue being a heartrob.. Deal with it.. No matter what he wears or how he looks.

  • anagarve

    Leave Zac alone!!!! pretty cuople zac and vanessa

  • karen


  • me

    leaves alone

  • ane

    stupid paprazzis cute couple zac and vanessa

  • chichi

    Zac efreak was in Australia talking about the "cougars" that love him. Well maybe you should get a 65 year old cougar, maybe she can teach him proper hygiene, like to dig out your ears, and to comb your hair, and to pop your blackheads, and to wipe your anus.

  • noah

    That earwax photo was one of the more disgusting things that I've seen on the internet in weeks... and this is coming from a guy who regularly visits Beyonce's home page -- bow wow wow, woof.

  • lilly

    What jerks!! It must be a reqirement that you have to be an a-hole if you want to become a pap or work for TMZ. They are sick and disgusting. Leave Zac alone!!!!

  • bored

    mini brad pitt, don't smoke because you'll end up getting botox injections at 35 , the same age brad pitt started his botox treatments.