Celebrity Apprentice: Dennis Rodman’s Meltdown

Joan Rivers called it an “intervention.” Whatever the heck it was, it made for darn compelling television, as Dennis Rodman was voted off of Celebrity Apprentice last night after his alcohol intake drew concern and frustration from his fellow participants.

“Dennis has obviously got a drinking problem,” team member Jesse James told a nationally televised audience at the final gathering of the celebrity contestants. While shocking to hear the words, a few members of the group shook the heads in agreement while teammate Brian McKnight said “oh ya”  when asked if he agreed.

And no one  — not even Rodman — disagreed.

“These guys are kind of blind,” Rodman said when asked to respond to the comments. But he never took the argument dead on.

It was hard to argue with the televised footage of Rodman during his team’s task of running a luxury hotel in NY.  The former basketball star made frequent stops to the kitchen/bar area to seek out vodka cranberry drinks and was shot carrying the drinks in many scenes.

Jesse James told Rodman that he took four drinks away from the star. Rodman listed this number at 15.

The star’s behavior become more erratic as the day went on:

• Rodman’s choice of conversation with a guest from Vancouver was an enthusiastic, one-sided discussion about Vancouver strip clubs.

•While serving as a guest-relation staffer, Rodman made comments about two attractive female guests from across the lobby, um, to the guests.

•Rodman became frustrated with his team and left the hotel to have dinner with two other guests. Not to return that evening.

•He returned the next morning to sleep on the couch in the lobby with his jacket slung over him.

The dramatic final confrontation was made all the more emotional since Jesse James is sober, telling the group. “I stopped drinking almost nine years ago.”

“I used to drink, I used to do it all,” James said. “I have walked in his shoes.”

As he was quickly fired by Donald Trump, Rodman gave a random comment before walking out.  “I can kick anybody’s ass at anything. Anybodys.”

With that, he exited, pushing away anyone who approached him at the end for a goodbye hug.