Ex-Bachelor Flame Shayne Lamas Back: Star of Her Reality Show

Ex-Bachelor Flame Shayne Lamas Back: Star of Her Reality Show-photo

Melissa Rycroft isn't the only Bachelor contestant to miss out on love but win out on a new television gig.

Former Bachelor pick Shayne Lamas is heading in front of the cameras again—this time for a new reality show where she is the focus.

Sources tell Celebuzz that Matt Grant's ex-fiancé from Bachelor: London Calling is headed for a home on the E! network. As of last week the show was still untitled.

The show will focus on Shayne's crazy life including being the daughter of actor/heartthrob Lorenzo Lamasthe Bold and the Beautiful star has been married four times.

"It's Shayne working in the business, breaking in as an actress and dealing with her father and her various mother-in-law types," says the source.

One aspect the ex-Bachelor star Lamas is reportedly not interested in revealing—her love life. "Shayne has been burned before with the pubic relationship and doesn't want to go down that road," says the source.

The last steady gig for Lamas was London Calling, which ended with Grant dropping to one knee to present a rose and a massive engagement ring to Lamas. Their relationship turned back into a pumpkin when the show ended. The two broke off their engagement and then broke up in July.



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  • olivia

    I loved Shaynes' sense of humor her timing was spot on. The camera loves that beautiful girl.....I can hardly wait for her show to begin. Best of luck Shayne

  • Rachel

    This girl is about as interesting as watching paint dry. Her lack of talent and a personality will ensure her sad attempt to capitalize on her reality tv fame will fail. And I for one say thank god.

  • sammy

    I am soooo excited. I can't wait for this show. I just love Shayne. What a cool family!!!!!

  • moxy

    take a look at this list of recent participants on the bachelor/bachlorette...matt grant, shayne lamas, deanna pappas,and melissa rycroft. what do they have in common they went onto the bachelo/bachlorette show for fame pursuit in entertainment. whereas jason's plan all along was to set up a program to benefit single parent families and he has done just that. so what if he cries...at least he is doing something to give back not take and take and take like those others mentioned above.