Holly Madison on Retouching Debate: Kim Kardashian “Looks Amazing”

Kim Kardashian recently shrugged off a picture depicting her in a pre-Photoshopped state, defiantly stating “So what? I have a little cellulite. What curvy girl doesn’t!? But you know what, who cares!”

One celebrity agrees with her, and thinks Photoshopping pictures of lovely young ladies isn’t helping anyone.

Dancing with the Stars contestant (and former Playboy Girl Next Door) Holly Madison is defending how Kim looks in her natural state, reports People.

“Kim looks amazing,” the mag reports Madison said in an interview for E!. “She’s a gorgeous girl and she’s got nothing to hide.”

Holly worked as a photo editor for Playboy (when she wasn’t partying with boyfriend Hugh Hefner and Playboy mansion roomies Kendra Wilkinson and Bridget Marquardt) and says that she frowned upon air-brushing the humanity out of the models.

“One of my pet peeves is too much Photoshop,” Madison claims. “When I worked at Playboy, I was always really strict that the Photoshop we used on the girls was minimal.”

Speaking of bodies, Madison recently injured hers while shaking it last week for DWTS. How is she doing?

“It’s hard,” she says about the show. “I came in late in the game, [and I’m] still kind of nervous … I try to have fun on the dancefloor.”

And despite having injured ribs, it shows. Madison has survived several elimination rounds.