Jennifer Aniston: The Perfect Mom in ‘Marley’

Though romance might not be her forte, Jennifer Aniston will have no problem in the mommy department should she ever decide to have children.

While filming family hit Marley & Me, Jen was a model mother to the various kids her character shares with costar Owen Wilson.

In the gag reel for Marley, available on DVD tomorrow, Aniston has several scenes with an adorable infant—one that’s so soothed by Aniston’s embrace the baby refuses to cry.

Production staff and Aniston are seen jumping through hoops trying to get the little one to shed tears. At one point, Jen even begs the baby to turn on the waterworks.

“Please cry, please cry,” Aniston whispers while bouncing the baby on her hip.

We’re pretty sure that’s a great problem to have, Jen.

Aniston is currently filming The Baster with Jason Bateman, about a woman who chooses artificial insemination to start a family.