The World Listens When Twilight Fans Speak (Even At 3 A.M.)

This weekend saw some obvious muscle flexing by Twilight nation, as fans voted Twilight their “Favorite Book” at Saturday’s Kid’s Choice Awards.

But there are even more unseen instances of opinion-voicing going on every day. Just ask casting director Rene Haynes.

When Haynes was hired to cast the Native American roles in New Moon, she immediately became the center of attention of fans eager to speak their minds.

“It was crazy, especially in the early days,” Haynes tells Celebuzz.

“In the first four weeks after the announcement that my office was casting these roles we stopped counting emails after 20,000,” she tells Celebuzz. “I am not exaggerating.”

“We had created a dedicated email address for the project. We got so many we had to create another one.”

“I get email from kids seemingly around the planet.”

Many did not stop there. When Haynes’ office number was posted, the fans called there as well. This didn’t help when Haynes would forward her phone calls to her cell phone and then received the ‘Twilight’ wake-up call usually from a foreign country.

“It happened more than a few times,” she says. 

“At 4:27 in the morning the conversation was generally me saying ‘hi’ and I don’t speak whatever language you’re speaking.”

But Haynes generally talked it out. “They are pretty good about not bugging me or calling back. You want to encourage these kids and be realistic at the same time.”

Haynes says she even kept her sunnyside up during the morning calls. “I try to be cordial even at 3 a.m.,” she says. “It’s a fanbase you don’t want to upset.” 

Wise words indeed.

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