VIDEO: Robert Pattinson's Love on The Rocks

VIDEO: Robert Pattinson's Love on The Rocks-photo

Access Hollywood has tantalizing footage of New Moon's Robert Pattinson and his co-star Javier Beltran from their upcoming flick Little Ashes.

In the clip, Pattinson (who plays famed artist Salvador Dali) cuddles with his lover Federico Lorca (Beltran) on the beach—complete with Beltran reciting poetry and lovingly rubbing Pattinson's head:



Later on, the battling artful lovers (Rob sporting Dali's infamous upswept moustache) argue over champagne.

The good news for Beltran is that, in such intimate proximity to the Twilight star, Rob does occasionally hit himself with a bar of soap.

"I also do shower," Pattinson told Moviefone in a recent interview, despite reports that his vampire costars are suffering because of his resistance to bathing.

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  • futurecullen

    robert pattinson ia a talented actor. actors play roles of characters. thats what rpattz does.thats waht all actors do so if you have a problem with every single person in a film that plays a gay or lez character then my friends or enemys whatever you want to be called , you have a massive problem. rpattz looks good as all characters and will probably do a fab job in this movie. i love rpattz-robert pattinson-edward-edward cullen-all the cullens overall twilight cast

  • christine

    this rob person looks like he needs to make up his mind, his he gay or straight! And he needs to get laid.

  • christine

    I'm sorry but I was a little disappointed when I saw this Ro actors these days would have more muscle. What are you holding a women with? Bone? too bad... But the acting is ok, I think I could better.

  • Sydney

    WTH! Hes playing a gay guy? Cmon, Rob is so ya noe.... look at him in Twilight. Cmon. Oh Geeze!

  • evita1500

    I can't wait for this film!! I'm sure Rob will great, he's very talented!!

  • lindseyann

    i am so excited for his movie. you have no idea. i love Salvador Dali. he is my favorite artist of all time, and to have him played by Rob is even greater!!!

  • ProPalin

    Why are the male actors these days so small and frail and feminine? I know they are playing lovers...but all the youngsters these days are such small frail limpwrists! Whatever happened to John Wayne types? Sean Connery, Rock Hudson, you know BIG STRONG men. Not these girly-men. Thankfully Colin Farrell is growing up and looking masculine, there are some others but really, actors for years have been SUCH wimps! I could carry them! Oh well...

  • cm

    I can't wait!!!!!