Cindy Crawford Breaks Bread

Apparently, Cindy Crawford’s really serious about cutting carbs out of her life.

One of the more interesting photos from Crawford’s recent Allure photo-shoot featured the Moled One ripping a loaf of bread in half with her bare hands.

Like a sexy baker disgusted with the day-old bread!

And check out Cindy’s hair! Fabulous!

In the Allure interview, Crawford credits her hair color with youthful-at-43 appearance.

“You can get any plastic surgery in the world, but hair color is what enables women to look younger longer. I’ve also become more aware of hair health…I give myself a hair treatment when I’m in my sauna to keep it conditioned,” Crawford explains.

So ladies, remember: Keeping your hair looking radiant and taking out your anger on bread is the key to a younger-looking you.