Jade Goody’s Sons Will Not Be at Her Funeral

Jade Goody’s funeral is set for April 4, but two members of her immediate family won’t be present.

People reports that Jade’s two young sons, Bobby, 5, and Freddy, 4, will be on a vacation to Australia with their father, British TV presenter Jeff Brazier.

The funeral on Saturday for the deceased reality star and beloved British celebrity is expected to draw thousands of mourners and intense media coverage.

Goody passed away after battling cervical cancer on March 22.

In some extremely sad and touching news, Jade’s widower Jack Tweed says that Jade nursed an imaginary child as she lay on her deathbed.

Tweed reveals in an interview to OK! that he slept beside Jade’s bed and, during her final moments, would awaken and think she was holding a baby.

“Sometimes Jade would wake up and think she was nursing a baby in her arms,” he says. “She’d tell me to be quiet so I didn’t wake the baby. I used to go along with it and pretend to take the baby and call Jackiey [Budden, Goody’s mother] in and pretend to give the baby to her…I’d then ask Jade whether she was okay and she’d say, ‘Yes that’s fine, now I can sleep.'”

Tweed also reveals that Jade’s last words were about pineapples, which were the only thing she would eat near the end. She also once woke up and began singing, he says.

Tweed, who is currently on house arrest due to an assault conviction, also expressed his grief over the loss of his wife.

“The hardest part was seeing her suffering,” he says. “I just wanted to make her better. I just want her to be here, I want to go on holiday with her and just muck about with her like we used to do.”