Miley Cyrus Talks Kids’ Choice Tears, Future ‘Hannah Montana’ Movies

Miley Cyrus isn’t spilling any tears over her emotional acceptance speech at Saturday’s Kids Choice Awards.

The 16-year-old Hannah Montana actress/singer got a little weepy while accepting her trophy for the Favorite Female Singer award, declaring that she didn’t expect to win.

And while some people might have thought her teary speech was a little over the top, Cyrus has a message for the naysayers: Just deal with it.

“I was a little embarrassed,” Cyrus tells “But then again, I shouldn’t be! It meant something to me. Because it’s from the kids, and the kids are more important than anything else in the world. So it made me happy.”

In the meantime, Cyrus has some news that might make Hannah Montana fans a little misty-eyed themselves: Hannah Montana: The Movie, which opens in theaters on April 10, will likely be the last big-screen outing for Miley’s alter-ego.

“We got really lucky with having the material to make one movie,” the Associated Press reports Cyrus as saying. “I don’t know if I would do another (Hannah Montana) film, but I would love to do another season (of the TV show). That would be what we would all agree on.”

Readers, have your say in the comments section and the poll: Was Miley’s Kids’ Choice speech over the top? And will you be bummed if there are no more Hannah Montana movies?