Whitney Port: Exercise Hurts! It Really Hurts!

Whitney Port: Exercise Hurts! It Really Hurts!-photo

Apparently Whitney Port has been deluged on her personal blog with requests on her exercise routine. So we get it all in spades on her latest entry which features a guest blog from her trainer Danny Connolly.

"Danny is AMAZING and he seriously does wonders!" she writes. He does indeed if he can take anything away from her bathing suit shots. But man those hamstrings are tight!

The buff Connolly has been training since 1994. For our money, we'll take the hot (but boring) Jarett Del Bene who she dated briefly on The Hills.

Looks like Whitney is great on the squats. You don't see that on "The City" very much, it's much more something out of "The Country." 

Here we feature what we'd consider the feature shots from the blog. For intricate details on the workout and more photos check out Whitney's blog.



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  • noah

    The photo used in this story is by far the most complimentary photo in the gallery set. And by "complimentary" I really mean "haggard and beastly."