Hayden Panettiere’s Sharking Behavior

Somebody better be ready to save the cheerleader!

Heroes minx Hayden Panettiere hit up Oceanworld aquarium in Sydney, Australia, on Wednesday, where she indulged in a little diving. During her underwater excursion, Panettiere got up close and personal with several creatures of the shark variety.

Hayden is on a campaign to stop the needless slaughter of sharks. Which might be an admirable cause, but swimming with the sharp-toothed fishes might not be the most prudent move or a gal with a successful show-biz career to maintain.

Of course, in recent weeks Panettiere reportedly lashed out at reporters during a fund-raising event and attempted to sabotage the career of her Heroes castmate and former boyfriend, Milo Ventimiglia.

So maybe it’s the sharks that should be worried instead.

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