Kim Kardashian Gets Cheeky With Lil Kim

You can take the girl out of Dancing With the Stars, but you can’t take Dancing With the Stars out of the girl.

Former DWTS contestant Kim Kardashian dropped in to catch a taping of the show, and offers her thoughts about the current crop of hoofers on her official Web site.

Melissa [Rycroft] and Tony [Dovolani] were so beautiful together but so much fun to watch, and Cheryl [Burke] and Gilles [Marini]—I really couldn’t tell the difference between who was the professional,” Kardashian writes. “They are so hot together!”

Kim was particularly fond of contestant Lil Kim, and not just because the two share a first name.

“Lil Kim was mesmerizing to watch and after the show I had to grab her booty!” Kardashian writes. “She is so curvy.”

And as the above photo attests, Lil Kim returned the favor.

Nice to see a couple of dancers give each other a helping hand.