Johnny Depp to Get Animated for ‘SpongeBob’ Episode

Johnny Depp has gone mad and gone gangster in his most recent movie roles, but the Pirates of the Caribbean actor is taking on a more mellow persona for an upcoming television apperance. OK! Magazine reports that Depp is guest-starring on an episode of SpongeBob SquarePants, as “enigmatic surf guru” Jack Kahuna Laguna.

In the episode, which is part of a year-long celebration of SpongeBob’s 10th Anniversary, the titular yellow loudmouth and his buddies Patrick and Squidward get swept away by a giant wave. The wayward crew lands on a remote island, and it’s up to Kahuna to teach them to surf their way out of their dilemma.

Of course, with the kind of mega-bucks that Depp is making these days, he could also probably build them a raft made out of $1,000 bills, but where’s the fun in that?

The episode, titled “SpongeBob vs. The Big One,” airs April 17 on Nickelodeon.

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