Lindsay Lohan Re-Affirms Her Relationship With Sam

It’s no wonder Lindsay Lohan hasn’t been acting lately—her days are occupied with dispelling rumors left and right.

In what seems like her hundredth break-up denial this year, Lilo says that she and girlfriend Samantha Ronson are still very much a couple. She spoke to E! News Wednesday evening while promoting her new spray tan line at the Chateau Marmont, saying, “Those rumors aren’t true. We aren’t broken up.” 

Mom Dina and sister Ali stood by Lindsay’s side at the Sevin Nyne promotional event, having flown in from NYC to support Lindsay’s new tanning venture. However, Lindsay’s partner was noticeably absent.

A source claims, “They’ve been spending time with their families and working. It’s normal and healthy to do that. That doesn’t mean they broke up!”

Sam’s sister, fashion designer Charlotte Ronson, is indeed in Los Angeles visiting, so the story seems to be true. For now…