Marilu Henner Talks Wedding Brawls and Other ‘ER’ Finale Details

The contents of tonight’s ER finale have been a top-secret affair, with scripts being watermarked to protect from leakage.

But Celebuzz can reveal there will be at least some good wedding-brawl material in the emergency room.

Former Taxi actress Marilu Henner will play the mother-of-the-groom from hell who ends up in the world’s most famous emergency room after duking it out with her son’s bride in the final show.

“I play a total villain-bitch,” Henner tells Celebuzz. “I try to take out my daughter-in-law, so we end up going into the ER.”

While the brawling doesn’t spill over to the emergency room (“We’re separated by gurneys, so I don’t get to throw any punches,” Henner notes), the results of the fight are apparent through the special-effects wounds on Henner’s head and arm.

“They wanted to take the wounds off [after shooting] but I said, ‘No way, I’m taking this home. My kids will love this,'” Henner says.

Sure enough, she made quite the entry home that night. “My husband was a little freaked,” the actress admits. “But the kids did love it.”

The historic wounds will be saved for great tricks in the future, Henner reveals. “I’m looking at it right now. My brother borrowed it for something. It’s a great wound. You have to finesse it a little with spirit gum, but you can put blood on it and everything.”

The pretend injury’s final resting place will be in her scrap book. “I have some pictures of me as a dead body—I have really good eye sockets for that,” Henner notes. “So I will put these next to that.”

Henner will watch the final show at home with friends and family for what will surely be a nostalgic viewing. She remembers being on the Warner Brothers lot 15 years ago before the show took off, dining in the commissary with ER casting director John Levey. “And all of a sudden here comes George Clooney,” Henner recalls. “He wasn’t George Clooney then. So he came up to John and  introduced himself to me. George was just so excited to be on the show.”

“He walked away and John said, ‘He has no idea, but his life is about to  completely change. This is the perfect actor for the perfect role.”

“And sure enough the rest is history,” Henner adds. “I just remember thinking, ‘Damn he’s cute.'”

Marilu Henner’s book “Wear Your Life Well” comes out April 7.

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